Monday, August 17, 2009

Ugh. My teeth! I want them back!

My teeth hurt. Correction, my whole mouth hurts. And it sucks really badly. It's like an overall soreness. 

But I've lost two pounds. Actually, it could be more, since I haven't gone number 2 since last week. I think my diet this weekend prohibited it. I think I've had spaghetti-o's, mash potatoes, ice cream and cream of wheat, at least for the most part. So I guess that's a highlight of this weekend and, hopefully, it keeps up. 

Right now? My stomach hurts. Terribly. Like cramping pain. 

And I still have to go to class later. I'm done my project, so I'm probably not going to stay for the whole class, but still. I just don't feel like taking the trip to go down to school. Oh well.

Correction. I'm not going to class. I can't get up. And so, I'm going back to sleep.


  1. So, depending on what sort of painkiller they gave you, you will probably need a stool softener. Cause Vicodin does that too me which is why I usually choosing ignoring the pain as my option. Obviously consult your doctor, but sodium doculate is usually a good cure for that..

  2. Thanks. I came to the realization today, while in the bathroom for a half hour, that the vicodin with the antibiotics probably wasn't making things any easier. Eventually, it passed, but only with the help of some hot tea. I'm going to pick up some sort of laxative tomorrow.