Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bye Bye Teeth

There's about a week and half until all of my final projects are due for the summer term at school. 

Tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out. I'm not overly worried, I just want it over with. The top ones should come right out, but the bottom teeth are difficult because they're coming in sideways. 

However, it is an excuse to eat ice cream all weekend. So I'm not going to complain.

The worst thing is that I have to take a steroid pack to reduce swelling. Steroids = weight gain. Always. Always. But what are you gonna do?

I go back to the surgeon next Friday for another fill.

And this was rather uninteresting. I'm exhausted and have been doing so much. I spent the afternoon and a good portion of the evening working on my final project for my puppet theatre class. It's so much fun. I'll have to post pictures so you can see what I've made. They all came out REALLY well.  I get really excited about making them. I love working on crafty things - whether sewing, scrapbooking or whatever. I'm starting to think I could easily make this a very fun hobby. 

I should probably go to bed. I have to be up early for tomorrow.

But, you know, I was thinking. I wonder how much my teeth weigh? 

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