Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gotta Tough It Out

This is the time of the year when things get really stressful for me. It's the end of the summer term at school, which just seems to be more work than the end of any other term. And then there's preparing for the Fringe Festival, which is both exciting and nerve-racking. 

To make things worse, when I get this stressed out, all I want is junk food. Comfort food. I've always been someone to take comfort in food. Always. Ever since I was a skinny little kid and got made fun of at school, my Mom would bake me cookies. It's a way to cope. I've been really trying to find new ways to cope with hard situations, but it's baffling sometimes. I'm not sure what to do. 

I haven't been eating a whole lot, but what I do eat, is crap. I've been working on crafts, trying to get homework done and just generally trying to keep busy, but all I can think about is pizza (which I have trouble eating to begin with) and cheese fries and beer and brie with bread and Long Island Ice Tea's and pigs ears (my FAVORITE pastry, not actual animal ears or dog toys) and hoagies and everything else under the sun that I can feel making my mouth water. 

Ugh. I can't help it. And I can feel myself getting irritable (it's almost that time of the month) and it's not making the comfort food cravings any easier. I try to give myself enough to curb cravings when I have them, because I feel like if you tell yourself straight out NO to anything, it makes everything worse. 

I guess I should get dressed. We're suppose to go to a birthday party that I just don't want to go to. Oh well

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