Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have come to three conclusions lately.

1. I need a fill. I'm hungry. I don't like it. I haven't been really hungry in a long time. And I can eat more that I feel that I should. I NEED more food to make me full than I should. I'm not talking FULL, but just normally full - content. I go to the doctor on Friday, so we'll see how that goes.

2. I need to remember to eat better. I think I give myself too much freedom sometimes. It's just, when it comes down to it, it's easier when at school. It's expensive for the good stuff and cheap for the crap. The crap is also easier to come by when everything else is closed for the summer term. This includes soda. I drink too much of it for a few reasons. It's easy to get at school, where other diet beverages are hard to come by. And I like it. It doesn't bother me to drink and it's there. Hopefully, after a fill, I won't be able to drink it anymore. I will say that it gives me terrible burping fits.

3. My Dad just might be right the moon thing. He told me, and I think I mentioned it, that your body retains more water when the moon is becoming full. I feel like I loose more after a full moon. It's been how every thing has been working at least.

On a non-band level, things are starting to get to me. I'm really busy between school, work and Fringe festival stuff. 

And now, due to my own insanity, I'm making crazy plans for crazy things for next year. I need to slow down and worry about today.

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