Friday, July 3, 2009

The Moon's Water Weight

I had two small whole grain pancakes for breakfast, and now I feel overly full. Ugh. Not a great way to start a Friday.

I need to watch myself for the next few days. Yesterday and the day before, I wasn't a good bandster. I had brie (much more than I should have) and Sesame Chicken (which is just bad, but oh so good). The Chinese food would have been a better choice if I hadn't eaten the leftovers later last night. 

I have an appointment for July 24th for a weigh in. I'm not sure if they'll do a fill then, but I sure hope so. I can eat more than I want to be able to. 

And I need to be careful of soda. I do. Really. 

I think this is pretty funny though. My Dad told me not to weight myself as much because, apparently, you retain more water when the moon waxing than when it's waning. The moon controls the tides, so, why not? And right now, the moon is waxing and it's almost full. 

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