Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh No! I Look Like A Ginger Kid!

Complaint of the day? Vomiting. 

I got sick this morning after eating chicken for breakfast that was probably too dry. I spent the next twenty minutes in the bathroom throwing it all back up. Great, right? Highly uncomfortable and disgusting. Chicken with ketchup shouldn't come back. Anyway, I think I'm getting too graphic. 

So, I went to the bathroom between classes and looked in the mirror and nearly screamed. My face is covered in broken blood vessels. I look like I have freckles EVERYWHERE. They're really bad. I should have known too, because this always happens when I have to strain while vomiting. I haven't had to since I had the flu in January. I haven't had that with the band yet. I mean, I've thrown up, but mostly it's when I drink something and there's no where for it to go, and I just throw back up the fluid. This wasn't that. I wish it had been. This was so much work and a lot of dry heaving. 

And everyone wonders why I'm so scared of the swine flu. I'm scared of anything that could possibly make me throw up. I've heard horror stories about people who get stomach bugs with the band. I don't want to deal with that right now. 

That was graphic. I apologize. I just needed to talk about it. I'm really worked up about the broken blood vessels. I'm in this rainy-day funk (it's been raining since Saturday) and looking like a freak is bothering me. 

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