Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Little Goal

So, I've hit a milestone. I'm no longer able to be considered morbidly obese. I've gotten below the 40 BMI range. I'm at 39.72 BMI, which is being down 36.2 pounds. I'm really proud of myself. There's been a lot of food-oriented family stuff over the past few weeks. I was away for Memorial Day weekend and there have been graduation parties and stuff like that, so I'm doing pretty well with staying on track. 

The only problem I've been having is that, well, my hair is falling out. I'm worried that I'm not getting enough protein in my diet. But I'm going to the doctor tonight, so that's a good thing. I need blood work done anyway, my thyroid has been out of whack lately. Oh well. We'll find out tonight. 

Either way, my nose hasn't stopped running for the past two weeks. Need to deal with that before next week. Bill and I are going down the shore and then flying out to Chicago. I'm pretty excited. 

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