Friday, October 16, 2009

Almost To A Milestone!

I've always hated subway turnstiles. At 290 pounds, I always had to turn sideways to go through and it's become a habit. Even turned sideways, I would graze the sides. They're filthy, I didn't want to touch them anymore than I needed to.

Yesterday, I was going through the turnstile and realized something - I went through normally and didn't touch the sides! It was a really big moment for me. I can't remember the last time I was able to do that. Actually, I don't know if I ever could. I only started using the subway freshman year, and then, I weighed about the same as I do right now. 

And that brings me to the fact that I'm down to 241! A total loss of 49 pounds! I'm almost officially to the 50 pound mark - and once I pass it, I'll be in the 230's. I haven't weighted that since I was in high school (over 3 years ago). 

It's been hard for me loosing the past 5 pounds (it's taken me nearly 2 months and most of that weight loss was in the last three weeks). However, it's almost like they're flying off now. 

I feel really good. Like, really good. I think I'm really going to kick it up a notch. I want to move quicker. My band is tight, not too tight, but tight enough that I have trouble with doughy foods. I like it where it's at. 

Next weigh in at the doctor's is Wednesday. I'm excited. I like going (except for the fact that the hospital is in North Philly, which is a TERRIBLE neighborhood, and I feel the need to run from the train station to the hospital as fast as I can. Yes, it's that bad.)

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